Technical Trainee Program

At Billerud we challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future! Continuing to challenge conventional methods requires a good balance of new skills and experience.

Billerud's Technical trainee program offers participants an introduction to our business, and lasts for just over six months. You will be trained in the production process and maintenance required to create high-quality and renewable materials. The program aims to stimulate personal development and increase knowledge of the participant's chosen field.

The technical trainee program began in the fall of 2021, and includes all five of our mills in Sweden: Gävle, Skärblacka, Frövi, Karlsborg, and Grums. The program's purpose is to ensure a long-term supply of competence in important positions such as operators, electrical/automation technicians, and mechanics.

Application period

The next program start is schedule to the fall of 2024. Application period will open during the spring of 2024.

You can learn more and apply for one of the positions via available job openings during the application period.

In your application, we want you to explain why you should be chosen for the program!

The technical trainee program is aimed at those who want to work in production, operation or maintenance. You have at least upper secondary school degree, preferably with a focus on technology, science or electricity, or alternatively other experience or competence in the area. Most importantly, you must have a willingness to learn and develop. We encourage employees to think innovatively and to show a strong desire to contribute to the team's success.


You will participate in theory days, both digitally and in person, together with our educational provider and all the other trainees.


In connection with the theory days, you will have operational practice to gain a greater understanding of the process and get to know employees in other departments.


You will work together with your colleagues in the department between educational blocks.


Some trips to other mills may occur during the introduction or theory days.

Employment form

Probationary employment that converts to a permanent employment. During the trainee period, you will work during the day, after which you will work shifts if you are employed as an operator.

Our recruitment process

  • Recruitment tests, logic and personality tests, to enable us to make recruiting decisions free from bias (Tip: Practice similar tests before, just a Google search away)

  • Interview with the recruiting manager and HR (Tip: Before the interview, it can be good to reflect on why you want to join the program and why you think you would make a good trainee)

  • References from your previous work, internships, or education (can also be a coach or teacher)

  • Alcohol and drug tests (due to safety aspects, everyone who starts with us takes these tests)

  • Admission - Warm welcome to Billerud and trainee days filled with new experiences!

After the end of the application period, we will begin the selection process and you can expect some form of feedback during the month of May.

See our available positions

Meet our trainees

Sofie Strömberg

Read more about Sofie who has completed our technical trainee program and now works as an Operator at the Sulphate Factory in Frövi.

Josefin Isaksson Wikström

Meet our trainee Josefin who works as an electrical / automation technician at our mill in Karlsborg.

Tilton Söderlund

Here we get the chance to hear more about Tilton's experience from our technical trainee program. He works as a Mechanic in Skärblacka.