Skärblacka a world-leading MG center

At Billerud we feel proud when we talk about our Skärblacka MG center. Top modern machinery and labs, combined with knowledge and resources all in one place, make Skärblacka a world-leading center for MG Paper.

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Knowledge and resources in one place

The know-how of engineers, product development specialists and lab experts in combination with local production facilities and state-of-the-art labs form a world-leading MG center. This makes us a reliable long-term partner with the resources required to quickly provide the answers you are looking for.

PM7 – enabling inline treatment

The PM7 inline film press enables inline surface treatment and a new generation of sterile barrier papers and grease-repellent papers for food packaging. PM7 also produces paper with excellent formation and consistency thanks to the new after-drying section and the top former.

PM10 – a state-of-the-art machine

PM10 produces white MG paper free from OBA. The excellent quality is enabled by high-quality primary fibre Kraft pulp, an ultra-modern soft calender, a web inspection system and the 160-tonne Yankee cylinder. PM10 is dedicated to white MG papers and produces about 90 000 t/a of this paper grade.

Key features

Increasing volume
An extended offer of premium products
Enhancing quality
Improving capacity for innovation



The animations show the change in production capacity allocation for the Skärblacka mill paper machines PM7 and PM10 between the years 2014 and 2020.

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MG Labs

We supply services ranging from pro-active consultation to on-site technical support and troubleshooting. Use our expertise to help you choose the right material for your equipment, processes and end products. We perform real-life seal prototypes in an in-lab thermoforming line, siliconising evaluations and many other tests. We are fast-moving, reliable, up to date and ready to help you solve any packaging challenge.

Quality control

Our quality control lab includes an extensive Microbiology lab, where we perform bioburden tests to check microbial levels in our paper. This is important for sterile barrier papers and for food packaging. Thanks to this and many other quality control tests, we can ensure the quality and safety of our paper.


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