It's time to SWAPP® to paper packaging

At Billerud, we are proud to introduce SWAPP® with an extra P for paper. A growing range of fibre-based packaging opportunities, and a smooth process to help brand owners transition and meet new consumer demand.

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A sustainable solution at the forefront of innovation

In theory it´s simple – to future-proof your business, you need to think and act sustainably. Consumers demand it, as do nature, the climate and future generations. In practice, it is more challenging. That is why we at Billerud have made it our mission to guide companies throughout the transition process. Using our expertise on paper packaging materials and solutions combined with our network of contacts with converters, machine suppliers and more for a successful result.

From need to prototype and product launch, we help you SWAPP® to paper packaging. Providing leading know-how and material that make your business grow sustainably.

This is how we swapp

#1 Mapping & Analysis

We evaluate and suggest tailored packaging solutions

We assume your challenge and take full responsibility for your transition to paper packaging from A to Z. Leveraging our vast material expertise and industrial experience to review your needs and perform a sustainability, cost and application analysis. Coordinating our network of converters, machine suppliers, designers, and more to deliver an attractive solution and all-new packaging experience. Supervising all project actions and guiding you through a seamless and collaborative process to achieve your goals.

#2 Solution development

Together, we arrange for a pilot run

We set up test to explore and prepare for a full-scale industrial packaging production. Including development and design of prototypes in line with your company’s identity and expression. Synchronizing with our network partners to optimize the productivity and interplay between material, machinery and printing solution. Ensuring that everything related to material, technology and product solution is properly configured according to market requirements.

#3 Go to market

We support you all the way

We prepare and make sure that your paper packaging is ready for a successful product launch. Refining details and checking that your packaging solution will create the right consumer experience. Following up to ensure that you have continuous material supply and support to grow sustainably. Supporting the outlining of a plan and nailing all details for your market launch to prepare you the best way possible.

Say hello to our applications

Depending on your product and category, we create a unique packaging solution with superior sustainability performance. Here are some applications already in play. You can also learn more about SWAPP from our collaborations with AlbGold and Wolf Nudeln.

This is SWAPP® in a nutshell

• An opportunity for brand owners to grow business by meeting new consumer demand through renewable and innovative applications

• A collaborative and seamless process where we guide your transformation towards sustainable paper packaging solutions

• A pioneering range of existing and future paper packaging applications with outstanding sustainability performance

• A call to action for companies to contribute and be part of a paradigm shift from plastic to paper


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