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Billerud Packaging Development Center in Karlsborg carries out a wide range of advanced tests, simulations and analyses to improve sack performance and design. This gives us the strength to both identify and solve challenges with existing sacks and to develop new and innovative solutions. Here are some of the services we provide.

Dust Exposure Analysis

When packaging powdered goods such as cement and chemicals, the aim is to eliminate wasteful and harmful product dust along the entire value chain. The Dust Exposure Analysis helps you determine the dust levels in your work area caused by the current sacks during filling and handling. Sack design, choice of paper and perforations all affect the amount of dust escaping from sacks.

Sack design

Our Sack Design Service makes sure you get the optimum sack construction for your process and product. The Sack Design Service will enable you to optimise your sack solution in terms of performance, construction and cost by analysing your current sack, identifying areas of improvement and recommending appropriate solutions.

Strength performance

By choosing a strong paper and the appropriate sack design, substantial savings can be achieved by using less material per sack and reducing product waste. This service includes a variety of tests to determine the current strength of your sack, its weak points and potential quality problems.

Surface and printing performance

Sophisticated printing design is a competitive tool to promote brands. Printed designs are becoming more sophisticated as brand owners strive to differentiate their brands. Use our consultancy service which includes print quality measurements as well as surface characterisation testing, technical analysis of print performance and suggestions for improvements.

Deaeration performance

High porous sack designs ensure a quicker and cleaner filling process. The Deaeration Performance Service covers paper porosity, deaeration of combined papers and free films, as well as deaeration of ready-made sacks.

Moisture barrier performance

Building materials like cement, industrial minerals and many chemical products are sensitive to moisture. This service ensures that sacks have the optimal water vapour barrier so that the intended shelf life can be achieved while still maintaining superior deaeration performance.

Filling performance

Your sack must perform well in terms of filling speed, pressure and prevention of product leakage during filling. We can compare the filling performance of different sack designs and test the sack construction before a new sack is launched on the market to ensure you get the best results.

Thermography analysis

The Thermography Analysis Service gives a better understanding of your sack performance along with potential improvements. This advanced technique allows non-contact detection of weak spots which enables one to identify areas for improvement.

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We work hard to secure a convenient and uninterrupted supply of our sack paper to you and to give you support when and where you need it. Wherever you are in the world, we work out the best supply model to meet your needs. Billerud Packaging Development Center will help you optimise the packaging you produce. If you need technical consulting, our services will help you. Our global network is the foundation of our services and an unparalleled asset. You are welcome to take full advantage of it.

Supply Chain Services

In order to secure a seamless supply for process efficiency we have dedicated customer service specialists that answer your calls without delay.

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Technical Services

Our technical expertise is close at hand to ensure that the material we deliver to you runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Use our knowledge and experience to your advantage.

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Smarter Packaging Services

We can help you create new packaging for your customers, or improve their current solutions, giving you sustainable and profitable business relationships.

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