Examination table paper is commonly used during medical examinations for hygienic and cleanliness purposes. The paper helps prevent the person-to-person spread of bacteria that may cause healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs). MediKraft® Cover from Billerud ticks all the crucial boxes – high patient safety, full recyclability and excellent runnability.

A safe and sustainable choice

When you choose Billerud MediKraft Cover you make a safe and sustainable choice. Our rigorous product safety controls include inline detection of contamination and impurities, as well as bioburden analysis. MediKraft Cover contains no OBA or recycled paper and is free from wetstrength materials so it is easy to recycle.

We control our production from the sourcing of pure raw material to the end paper products. MediKraft Cover is made from 100% virgin fibers from sustainably managed forests. The paper is compostable and recyclable in the regular paper recycling waste stream. At Billerud, we use 98% fossil-free energy in our European production.

Designed for high-speed convertion

The superior strength of MediKraft Cover makes it possible to reduce the material weight compared to traditional alternatives, without compromising the running speed of machines. A relatively low material weight is also beneficial throughout the logistics chain, from packaging and sorting to transportation and delivery. On top of this, Billerud MediKraft Cover is pure, clean, white, and totally smooth without creasings.

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