ConFlex Repel Pure – grease-repellent the natural way

ConFlex Repel Pure is a 100% natural grease-repellent paper for flexible packaging. The secret is the plant-based barrier on a primary fibre paper, creating a material pure all the way from the inside to the outside. A material with excellent formation and printability, perfect for applications that demand both grease-resistance and shelf-appeal.

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Primary fibres and plant-based barrier mean a 100% pure paper all the way from the inside to the outside. Hygienic, certified and safe for food contact.


The best kraft pulp from long fibres, controlled and delivered inline, creates a really strong paper for all applications.


Thanks to excellent formation and careful selection of ingredients ConFlex Repel Pure gives outstanding printing results which help to make packaging more attractive at the point of sales, and lamination properties.



A pure alternative to conventional grease-resistance

ConFlex Repel Pure is recyclable, comes from a renewable source and is also biodegradable thanks to the plant-based grease-repellent barrier. This makes ConFlex Repel Pure a truly sustainable alternative to conventional fluoropolymer-treated grease-resistant papers.


Natural grease-resistance for flexible packaging

Meeting hygiene and barrier requirements, maintaining form and presenting the product in the most attractive way is no challenge for ConFlex Repel Pure. Decades of experience in flexible packaging papers together with the latest plant-based grease-repellent barrier makes ConFlex Repel Pure a perfect match to yellow fat applications that need grease-proof barriers, like butter, and is also suitable for fast-food products, ice cream cones and confectionary packaging.


Paper sourced from responsibly managed, slow-growing and certified Scandinavian forests.


Plant-based barrier treatment makes ConFlex Repel Pure a completely natural alternative to products treated with chemicals and plastic.

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