Get rid of plastics

Our paper makes your wrapping renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.

Cope with tough handling

Strong kraft paper endures tough logistics and store handling.

Ensure strong sealing

The smooth paper surface enables very strong sealing power.

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Five key steps to switch from plastic to paper wrapping. A guide to all natural tissue wrapping.

Fill in your brand’s sustainability gap

Paper wrapping is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.
This will make your brand more sustainable.

The biodegradability/compostability of the wrapping is certified according to ISO 18 606:2013, “Packaging and the environment – Organic recycling” and EN 13 432 (09-2000) “Packaging – Requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation – Test scheme and evaluation criteria for the final acceptance of packaging.

Tough and strong

The machine-glazed kraft paper is adapted and validated for tissue wrapping. The paper handles tough logistics with its high strength. Drop tests show equivalence to plastics in resilience, thanks to long virgin fibers.

Lightweighting with paper

Our paper is so strong that it can be made thinner than other paper wrapping solutions and still do the same job. This means a low weight and substantial savings in both material and in the supply chain.

Help consumers shop climate smart.
Swipe to paper.

The consumer’s choice

An Ipsos Global survey of 20 000 consumers (2021) shows that three out of four consumers want to get rid of single-use plastics. Our new paper alternative can move your brand into the circular economy.

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Strong shelf attraction

The printability is excellent on the white, long, soft virgin fibers. This enables strong shelf impact. Your wrapping will stand out.

Our SWAPP® offer: Help all the way

From prototype to product launch, we help you SWAPP® to paper packaging. We have the papers and the know-how to help you get rid of single-use plastic wrapping.

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This Q&A focuses on the switch from plastic to paper and how Billerud helps you, with all our packaging materials and expertise, to switch to paper smoothly.

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