Packaging Development Services - Bags

The Billerud Packaging Development Center in Karlsborg mill evaluates the strength of carrier bags, sugar and flour packaging and develops Billerud FibreForm® packaging solutions. Using unique equipment, we examine a multitude of functions by simulating the path of the packaging through demanding logistic chains until it reaches the store shelf – and suggest improvements.

Drop test, compression test and carrier bag test

A drop test reveals how well packaging can withstand being dropped. During the compression test, it is subjected to heavy pressure to optimally simulate demanding transportation and storage. We also test packaging seals for strength, durability and speed in the production process.

Perception studies

The Packaging Development Center also offers perception studies and analyses of the printability of paper and packaging. The laboratory offers support and knowledge transfer throughout the value chain – and plays a crucial role in expanding our expertise.

Thermoforming Services

The Packaging Development Center's Multivac form, fill & seal line is used to perform trials and prototyping on an industrial production line. The advantages include material validation, packaging trials and bulk sampling under industrial conditions. Online forming and sealing can be tested and the final packaging can be evaluated.

Barrier protection testing

Many materials are sensitive to moisture and water vapour in the surrounding air. In our barrier lab, we test a packaging’s protective properties. While evaluating the barrier properties of different material combinations, we also test oxygen, moisture and grease barriers.

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We can help you create new packaging, or optimise your current solutions. Our expertise and lab services range from insights in packaging trends and innovations, which we readily share with you, to scientific tests and analyses – giving you a truly competitive advantage.

Knowledge Sharing

Be inspired, learn more, sharpen your competitive edge with Smarter Packaging Seminars and expert knowledge about types of packaging materials, trends, innovations and sustainability.

Packaging Optimisation

Increase your competitive advantage through our packaging engineering where we evaluate, improve and optimise existing solutions.

Packaging Innovation

Get new, brand-enhancing packaging through our knowledge-driven innovation and structural packaging design that can replace a multitude of existing solutions.


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