Four PIDA winners make it to the Grand Finale in Monaco

After this spring's thrilling semi-finals, four teams have qualified for the PIDA grand finale in Monaco. At the final in September an international winner will be appointed. The design students behind the competing entries come from the USA, Sweden, France and Germany. And their packaging concepts are designed for skincare, tea, spices and ice cream, respectively.

The finalists of BillerudKorsnäs’ design competition– Packaging Impact Design Award – have been selected. After four exciting digital events in the USA/UK, Sweden, France and Germany, four teams have received the competition’s finest PIDA Gold Award. Hence they automatically qualify for the Grand Finale, that takes place at the Luxe Pack trade show in Monaco in September. The four competing entries are:

An unconventional skincare packaging won PIDA USA/UK

The winners of this year's first semi-final of PIDA were the four American students competing with the entry "The Golden Bee Skincare". A concept designed for a skincare product that responds perfectly to this year's brief – to create a package that speaks to our senses (länka till briefen). The team behind the entry was Jennifer Huynh, Meliza Pascual, Joshua Roberts, and Samantha Johnson from Clemson University in South Carolina, USA; whom and when asked "how does it feel?" they answered:

We are very thankful for this opportunity to show our work,” says Meliza Pascual. “We have put a lot of effort into it and we are very happy for the awards.

When the winners of PIDA USA/UK were chosen, we also got to take part of the jury's motivation which follows:

The Golden Bee Skincare package delivers on innovation being delightfully inventive and original, while also achieving high marks for sustainability, and excellent user friendliness and functionality. The entry offers an extremely innovative structure that is not only highly functional, but also offers novel on-shelf, unboxing, storing, and sharing attributes.

A playful tea packaging won in Sweden

The packaging project “Lost in Senses” won the Swedish edition of PIDA. A packaging designed for a tea set and a whole tea experience. Behind the design, idea and construction stand Jenny Noshi, Anna Carlén, Moa Tillbom and Martin Lilius from Nackademin who were very happy with the win:

“It feels amazing to win PIDA Gold Award. Our design is colourful and detailed with both matt and glossy prints, see-through panels, pop-ups and interactive panels which attract the eye. In a way the packaging is the product. We have seen that this was an unexplored area on the market – and we found a hole to fill” says team "Lost in senses".

The Swedish jury was also very happy and impressed – and the motivation for the win reads:

“With constant smiles during the journey of unboxing, this is truly golden standard. Awakening the senses with layers and playfulness. When products are used, the package remains to be used again and again.”

The winner in France: An innovative spice pack

Romane Bazile, Jeanne Douchet, and Marion Braconnier from IUT Reims won PIDA France with their packaging project “RESPICE”. A packaging design for a spice set that impressed the jury with its innovative idea and construction. And the jury’s motivation reads:

“This packaging ticks almost all the boxes in our evaluation grid, which is why it is our big winner. It is the perfect balance between innovation, sustainability, conviviality and user-friendliness. The beauty of its design is the simplicity of the idea, with a top-of-the-art execution. However, it particularly stands out in the sustainability criteria because of its material-saving and reusability. Congratulations.”

When the team was asked how it feels to win, they answered:

Thank you, we feel really lucky to win this prize. We are very proud to have achieved our goal to combine sustainability and modernity in the same packaging. It was very stimulating to work with. Sensory design is a new dimension that is an integral part of tomorrow’s packaging, says team RESPICE.

Ground-breaking ice cream packaging won in Germany

The German PIDA Gold Award, went to the design student Hagen Neugebauer from Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart. His winning packaging project “Krystal Kream” is designed for a vegan Italian ice cream and the motivation of the jury reads:

The overall idea was felt to be future-proof and ground-breaking, as many consumers would like alternative solutions for the packaging materials used today – also in this market segment. Use of materials, shaping, handling, and differentiation from existing packaging solutions should enable the start towards a better future with this idea.

At the PIDA Germany event, the surprised and happy winner Hagen Neugebauer said:

It’s amazing. I’m stunned. I didn’t believe that this could happen. There was so much good work done by every group




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