TrueJet Book – Built for high-speed performance.

TrueJet® Book is designed for high-speed book publication print runs. This is a great sheet with a patented, specially designed coating that enables full-color variable inkjet printing to meet the needs of the book publishing market.

This is TrueJet Book


Create a coated book product that enables offset-like quality on production color inkjet presses

  • Does not require use of bonding agents or surface coatings on press
  • Has a surface structure that meets the demands of inkjet printing
  • Highlighter durability
  • Aligns with offset products


A patented product with a coating structure designed to set inkjet ink

  • Allows water to absorb into the paper while keeping ink on the surface
  • Resists smearing and guide roll build-up, maximizing productivity
  • Provides offset-like print quality
  • Delivers highlighter durability


Coated book publication products with proven runnability and durability on some of the best-known, high-speed inkjet presses

  • Developed for the Kodak Prosper™ Press; carries a ♦♦♦♦ rating
  • Recognized for use on all HP T series Presses without bonding agent. Certified for HP web inkjet presses.
  • Improved pressroom productivity
  • Excellent image density development
  • Manufactured in the USA with pride



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