Sustainable Leader: Linnea Danielsson

Meet one of our role models within Sustainable Leadership - Linnea Danielsson, Vice President Procurement, and formerly Manager Strategic Purchasing Production & IMS.

In your opinion - what identifies a Sustainable Leader?

I think the term “Sustainable leader” is wide and includes many important perspectives on leadership. First, a Sustainable Leader genuinely cares about and have an interest in people. I think this is a key factor to be able to understand and unlock the potential in each employee, as well as making sure that they are feeling well have a good work-life balance. Secondly, I think communication is a very important part of Sustainable Leadership – a clear and steady flow of communication is key to a healthy organization.

What do you do to be a Sustainable Leader at Billerud?

In quite new in my role as a leader and it´s been a very interesting year where I have learnt a lot, both in the education that Billerud has provided and “hands-on” with my group. I try to be as present and available to my group as possible, and have the ambition to not be slow down or delay anyone’s work. In practice, this means that I try to have check-ins with my employees often, either individually or in groups. My task as a leader is not to be an expert in everything my employees are doing, but I try to be updated enough to be a good discussion partner and support them when necessary. Being in touch often also helps me to drive performance, making sure that we are keeping the right focus and a high engagement, and being able to react quickly if needed. Last by, not least, I have a fantastic team that makes my life as their leader a “walk in the park” and gives me so much energy.