Meet our summer workers - Nastaran Nikoo

Every year, we employ around 400 summer workers in our production units. Our summer workers are essential for ensuring that we maintain secure and stable production during the summer months as well. Today we meet Nastaran Cheragh Pare Nikoo, who works as an Operator at KM7 in Gruvön.

Tell us about yourself. What do you do at Billerud?

"I have studied process technology at Karlstad Technical Center. This summer, I am working as an operator in the post-processing department (EB) at KM7 in Gruvön. Here, I operate at the screens and am responsible for ensuring correct packaging. I participate in the rounds in packing and waste management, ensuring everything runs smoothly. I am responsible for quality control of packaging materials and play a significant role in optimizing the reprocessing of waste in terms of quantity and quality in collaboration with the pulper operator."

Is this your first time working at Billerud during the summer, and what sparked your interest in applying for a summer job with us?

"This is my first summer at Billerud, but I have previous experience in the paper industry. I have always been interested in technology and the process of creating a finished product, and I look forward to being part of the exciting process within the paper industry."


What have you have learned or discovered about Billerud since you started your summer job?

"So far, during my summer job, I have learned to handle machines, follow production processes closely, solve problems in real-time, and collaborate effectively with my team. In my job, I constantly work to help maintain an efficient production environment. Additionally, I have met fantastic people who will likely become my colleagues in the future."

What are you most looking forward to during your summer with us?

"I am really looking forward to continuing to develop my role as an operator."

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