Meet Linnea Adolfsson – our summer worker at Rough cleaning

Linnea Adolfsson started working at Billerud in rough cleaning with many different tasks and challenges. Now she is headed towards an employment as an assistant burner at Lut & Kraft. Read her story from Billerud, that started with a summer job.

What made you choose Billerud last summer?

Last year I worked during the production stops. It went well and I felt safe here. After that, I applied for several different summer jobs at Billerud and I was offered a position at the rough cleaning. I like Billerud because you get to meet so many different people who are welcoming. Here you greet every single person and they greet you back and when you enter the control room, people are curious about who you are. Already after a while, you talk as if you already knew each other.

I got into a fairly small group and we became very tight right away. We were two summer workers in addition to the regular employee who had the same position. We had great fun, we got very close to each other. The work was quite tough, some moments we stood and shoveled heavy slush, but we always took opportunities to laugh and have fun together.

As a summer worker, tell us about what you did on a typical day at work?

We started in the morning by checking which work orders we received. We did something different based on that, it varies a lot, which I think is fun. We were a lot in the culvert at “Renseriet”. In the culvert, we were blowing leaves, vacuuming up chips, while in the lye yard it may have overflowed with lye or other chemicals, so we had to rinse it. Sometimes we also went off to collect materials. I have driven to both Karlskoga and Örebro to pick up different tubes this summer.

How did the summer contribute to your future development and/or current position?

Since last summer, my employment has been extended until the end of December. From the first of January, I have been offered a new job in the company as an assistent burner in Lut & Kraft. Now I have been working since June 13, so it will be great fun to try something new, get to work with new people and new tasks. The services differ but I will benefit from what I’ve learned so far - to navigate in the area and my understanding of the production process.

Tips for others who want to apply for a summer job?

- I really feel like I learned a lot this summer. It's also fun that the company appreciates the work I did as a summer worker. So, I would like to advise others who want to join Billerud as a summer worker to be open to trying new things. Dare to challenge yourself, ask a lot of questions and show that you are interested in learning new things, and it will be super fun!

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