Meet our summer workers - Erik Franzén

Every year, we employ around 400 summer workers in our production units. Our summer workers are essential for ensuring that we maintain secure and stable production during the summer months as well. Let's meet Erik Franzén who has been working as a laboratory Engineer at Frövi.

Erik, what do you do at Billerud?

"I work as a laboratory engineer at the Frövi mill this summer. I'm originally from Närke (despite the lack of the dialect) and I usually study in Uppsala where I will start my fifth and final year in the chemical engineering master's program this autumn.

"Outside of work and studies, I spend a lot of time with friends, exercise, and ride motorcycles during the warmer months."

What does a laboratory engineer do at Frövi mill?

"As a laboratory engineer, I am part of the development department Innovation Product and Application Development (IPAD), where I work on developing and evaluating methods for barrier development for various packaging solutions. This practically involves evaluating how well pre-coated samples protect against moisture and oxygen, as well as manufacturing and evaluating the barrier properties of self-made coating slurries. I work directly with various clients and therefore have many different tasks, so each workday is a bit different. The position is very dynamic and characterized by independent work with a lot of problem-solving, which is precisely what makes the job so interesting!"

Is this your first time working a summer job at Billerud, and what sparked your interest in applying for a summer job with us?

This is my second year at Billerud. Last summer, I worked as a laboratory technician at the environmental and process lab in Frövi, a position I really enjoyed and where I gained insight into both the operations at the mill and how the laboratory staff fits into it. Despite enjoying the laboratory technician role, I wanted to try a position with more varied tasks, more responsibility, fewer fixed routines, and more room for problem-solving – which is why I chose to apply for the laboratory engineer position.

Tell us something you have learned or discovered about Billerud since you started your summer job

"From the laboratory technician position last summer, I gained an overall insight into the operations in Frövi, how production works in general terms, what kinds of products we make, and how they are manufactured. However, I had less insight into barrier solutions, coating methods, and how to evaluate barrier properties – things I have learned instead in my role as a laboratory engineer this summer. Additionally, as a laboratory engineer, I have gained insight into what it's like to work in a development department, how to work on projects, and how a problem-solving and "trial and error" approach can drive development forward."

Finally, what are you most looking forward to during your summer with us?

"What I am most looking forward to during my summer as a laboratory engineer is learning more about the theory and methods for barrier development and gaining an even better understanding of the development work that IPAD conducts. I also look forward to developing both professionally and as an engineer so that through my work this summer, I can play an important role in driving the development of Billerud’s products forward."

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