Change for good. Autopack with paper.

Discover our e-commerce specific paper for automated packaging machines


Online shopping makes the physical part of the customer experience particularly important. As consumers today favour circular and sustainable packaging, paper is the obvious choice for brands who want to show that they care for our world.

However, up until now, paper has not been a viable alternative to plastics for automated packaging. Billerud Xpression E-Com AutoPack changes the situation, allowing retailers and third-party logistics providers to use paper instead.

Get rid of plastics

Less greenhouse gas emissions and a higher actual recycling rate with paper.

Optimize performance

Excellent paper strength for high machine performance and logistics durability.

Save up to 30% paper

Less paper to buy, fewer reels to change, less paper to waste streams.


Remove plastics for good: Learn more about Xpression E-Com AutoPack Brown

Driven by customer experience

When an online consumer receives the delivery, packaging makes a difference. Is the material circular, sustainable and easy to recycle? Xpression E-Com Autopack ticks all the boxes. You get a strong but still lightweight paper that works perfectly for automated packaging – and evokes the right consumer emotions.

Our LCA (life cycle assessment) study shows fossil CO2 reduction (kg CO2e per 1,000 bags) when switching from virgin/recycled PE bags (54.3/36.2) to unbleached paper bags (27.9). The collection recycling rate for plastic packaging is 41.0% and the corresponding number for paper and cardboard packaging is 82.3%. However, the actual recycling rate for plastic packaging is estimated to 10% compared to 75% for paper and cardboard packaging.

  • Enhanced brand image
  • Strong and proven environmental performance
  • Lightweight and easy to recycle

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Designed for excellent operations

The choice of paper is critical when switching from plastics to paper in automated packaging. Xpression E-Com AutoPack offers excellent machine performance at lower paper substances than comparable paper. It also has excellent sealing and printing properties.

In logistics, the inherent strength of Xpression E-Com AutoPack
reduces the risk of damaged packaging. In manufacturing, you can
expect even and predictable quality as well as long MTBF (mean time between failures). The lower grammage also saves up to 30% paper – resulting in fewer reel changes, less manual reel handling and less storage space needed.

  • Withstands tough handling in logistics
  • Excellent sealing and printing properties
  • Up to 30% fewer reel changes

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Ideal for automated packaging machines

Xpression E-Com AutoPack is specifically developed for automated
e-commerce packaging machines. As a machine producer, you
don’t have to worry about paper inconsistency or machine issues
related to paper. Billerud will support you with development
and commissioning as well as with technical support and consistent
paper supply.

  • High predictable performance
  • Strong development partner
  • High security of supply


The two grades are similar, but Xpression E-com AutoPack has been designed to match the unique requirements seen in automated packaging machines.

The material can be used with all current sealing technologies, including heat-sealable coatings and lamination as well as in-line glue applications.

Xpression E-Com AutoPack is based on 100% virgin fibres to allow predictable machine performance, highest strength and lowest grammage.