Quality of paper. Quality of life.


The perfect commercial web paper.
Liberty offers everything you need from a web paper—breadth and flexibility, aesthetics and economics, versatility and worry-free runnability. This promotion ties that performance to what matters most in life.

Can paper quality contribute to quality of life? For paper specifiers and operators of web printing presses, we think it can. Smooth, problem-free runs and sharp, clean image reproduction make customers happy. And when customers are happy, everyone’s happy. Selecting Liberty enables print professionals to do a great job, go home and enjoy what makes them happy after work.

That’s the point of the Liberty promotion. Freedom from stress, freedom from problems, freedom from the unforeseen—freedom is Liberty. And Liberty is freedom.

Liberty specification details here.

Liberty is a clean, white, worry-free sheet that delivers just the right amount of contrast, making images and details really stand out.
Angie Stroud, Billerud Marketing Brand Manager

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