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Sterling® Premium

You only get one chance to make a great first impression, and nothing impresses like color on Sterling Premium. This promotional piece shows how Sterling Premium’s surface quality and bright, white shade, take color to the next level for your brand.

In electronic communications—computer monitors, tablet and smartphone screens—color is a variable, effected by ambient light, reflections, screen calibration and other factors such as operating system and browser.

But with Sterling Premium, what you want is what you get. Color speaks on behalf of your brand, from soft, subtle sophistication to bold, brassy confidence.

This unique promotion inspires with fresh examples of special inks, touch plates, spot varnishes and more. “Technique-ly Speaking” captions tell you exactly how each was done.

Sterling Premium specification details here.

Print not only delivers an immediate and captivating draw to your brand with rich, colorful imagery, but also provides a tactile experience that no electronic media can match. There’s no doubt that printing on Sterling Premium delivers eye-catching graphics and a human touch that will elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression.
Christie Bures, Billerud Marketing Brand Manager

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Sterling® Premium

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Sterling® Premium

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