Meet Erik – our Service Manager IT Network & Security

Erik Dalerå has been working at Billerud for five years and specializes in IT security. During his time here, he has learned a lot and taken on new assignments. His team works to ensure that all IT equipment is updated with the latest and safest software, manages security products, and takes action when security alarms are triggered. In an increasingly digital world, it is important to have the right security measures in place, and Erik is an expert in protecting our IT infrastructure. Let's get to know him better.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.
"I have been working at Billerud for 5 years as a Service Manager within Network and Security, specializing in IT security. It has been an exciting journey during these years and I have learned more and received new assignments. Our team that ensures that we at Billerud have the latest security products, that all IT equipment is updated with the latest and safest software. We respond to alarms that come in from these products and take action accordingly. The IT world is turbulent with several different security threats that must be managed and prevented, such as phishing, where a threat actor tries to steal your login credentials."

What does working with safety mean in your role?
"We provide IT services and systems, and it is important that they are secure and accessible, and that we have control over who logs in, when they did it, and how they connected. It is also about preventing, detecting, and addressing any deficiencies that may arise. We also work to support other departments with changes and needs that may arise, such as when a new system is being implemented. Then we need to manage the security aspect, set the right requirements, and follow up on the delivery, among other things."

Can you give an example of how Safety First is practiced on a daily basis in your role?
"Our IT department consists of approximately 100 people, and there is a lot of discussion about putting safety first, not just in terms of technology. An example of how we put safety first is that before each digital meeting, we go through what to consider, ensure that we all sit securely, go through emergency exits, in case something were to happen. IT is an important function that must have high operational reliability, and it is important to work proactively with security issues in order for the rest of the business to function properly."

What makes you work at Billerud?
"It is a large international company with great opportunities for development, which appealed to me. As there is at lot happening within the security industry, it is an exciting work environment, and it is important to stay updated in the field. The breadth of tasks is something that prevents me from feeling bored in my role, and I have the opportunity to contribute in a very clear way in my workplace."

What is your best advice?
“My best advice for protecting your identity and the services you use is to activate MFA (Multi-Factor-Authentication), which proves extra protection when logging into cloud services such as Facebook and Instagram. Most attacks and identity thefts still occur due to weak passwords.”

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