Meet Pauline in Frövi

During july and agust you'll be able to meet some of our summer vacancies from our different sites. Meet Pauline, she is working at the KM5 (Board Machine 5) in Frovi.

Name: Pauline Sjögren

Age: 20 years

I’m supposed to study to become a veterinary nurse or radiology nurse if I get into university this autumn. Otherwise, I have previously worked as a guard here at Billerudkorsnäs Frövi before getting this summer job.

Why did you apply for a summer job at Billerudkorsnäs?

Actually, I was meant to be on my summer holidays and to have stayed at home, but I found out that another summer employee was needed at the mill, so I applied and got the job.

What are you working with here?

I’m down in the sample archive at KM5 and am on the daytime shift. Most of the time, this involves cutting sheets and generally helping maintain order in the area we occupy.

Could you describe a day at work?

It starts just before 7:00 a.m. with a change of clothes, checking e-mail and whether any customer orders for board have been received. Then there may be some tidying up or archiving of tambours. At 8:00 a.m. I go up to the machine level to collect samples to be cut into smaller sheets that the board lab uses. If an order has been received, I go out to our second sample archive over at the final processing department and cut the board into the desired format, pack it and take the order by forklift to the loading area, from which it will then be collected by a courier. Later, in the afternoon, I collect the post from the basement and drive it up to the machine level. If there is time left, I can hose down the basement, remove plugs and tidy up in the sample archive. Then my workday ends at 3.30 p.m.

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