Rikard Harila, Process Operator at the Wood room at BillerudKorsnäs in Kalix.

This is Rikard Harila. He serves as an operator at the Dry Cleaning Service (summer 2015). Rikard has a background in the process industry with experience from industries such as saw mills and Northland.


Tell us what you do on a regular day at work?

We work on a so-called "rolling schedule" and are stationed for two hours in a number of different places at the Wood room. How the day begins depends in part on where my colleague is I am going to supersede. Today I started in the truck with unloading incoming raw material. This means that I empty trucks on wood while always making sure that the mill has enough material to keep on producing.

I also supply the mill with wood chips by tractor, go through the machines and keep everything in shape to work properly. Finally I go to the control room to monitor the process and then back to drive the truck.

What's the best thing about working here?

I like the colleagues and the diverse tasks, it cannot be so much better than that! There is also a lot to learn, I always try to follow when something happens so I can learn more.

Why did you choose BillerudKorsnäs?

Partly to have a job near my home, but also to get a good combination at work by driving machines and being an operator. My working hours passes so fast when I know that there is a good variation at work.

Can you imagine working for BillerudKorsnäs in the future?

That's the plan, to show what I can and hopefully get the opportunity to keep on working.

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