Meet Hedda – one of our holiday replacements

During the summer months, we have many temporary holiday replacement members of staff working at our various sites.

Here we present Hedda Bergqvist Kringstad, who is studying Chemical Engineering at Chalmers University and is working at Gruvön for the third summer in a row.

Meet Hedda – one of our holiday replacements

"I am 22 years old and originally come from Säffle. I have been studying for four years at Chalmers University in Gothenburg and have one year left before completing my engineering degree."

Why did you apply to work at BillerudKorsnäs?

"I wanted to work at Gruvön so that I could spend the summer at home in Säffle. Gruvön is perfect for that and is also a nice place to work. In addition, getting practical laboratory experience while still attending university is very beneficial for my studies."

What are you working with here?

"I am working at Skiftlab (Shift lab), which involves performing a range of quality checks on paper. For example, we check the absorption capacity regarding water and the tensile strength of the paper. We search for dust and particles. And for paper used for coffee mugs, for example, we check the penetration of coffee at the edges, in order to ensure that the paper retains a high enough quality.

During the first three weeks, I have worked on the day shift and performed a number of small tasks for Next Generation. For example, I have helped gather data about electricity consumption for all the future instruments in the new KM7 lab."

Could you tell us about a typical day at work?

"I'm starting work at Skiftlab now. My day begins with the change of shift, half an hour before we start our actual work. There, we get information from the people on the shift that is coming to an end. At Skiftlab, we are responsible for two machines each, so the first four hours are the most hectic, when we take the first paper and pulp samples. At 8 am, we take a break for a morning meeting and a coffee break. At about 9.30 am, we change machines. In total, we have five machines and the pulp production from which we take samples, so there is a lot to do."

We place great value on new perspectives. During your time here, have you thought of anything that we could do better?

"I have a very good impression of the company. It works actively with having good values and ensuring equal treatment, which I think is good and also important. One thing that could be worth pursuing is increasing the collaboration between the lab and the paper works, as I think that would be beneficial in the long run."

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