Gruvön Mill: ”Not a day without progress”

“Not a day without progress” is the motto of Gruvön and coined almost 100 years ago by Christian Storjohann, the founder of the mill. The mill started as a sulphate factory in 1929 and has since evolved into a pioneering force in paper and cardboard production.

Gruvöns bruk i Grums

Christian Storjohann Establishes a New Sulphate Factory

In 1909, Christian Storjohann founded a new company under the name Billerud AB. In 1929, the company built a sulphate factory with a kraft paper mill in Gruvön. This marked the beginning of Billerud’s venture into paper and cardboard manufacturing. The foundation was laid for what would become a very impressive production capacity of approximately seven million tons of paper and cardboard per year.

Gruvön Becomes a Pioneer through Technical Innovation

In 1931, the oldest paper machine, PM1, was put into operation, becoming a key component in production for many years to come. The world’s first liquid carton was manufactured in Gruvön in the early 1950s. In 1964, PM4 became the world’s first paper machine to use a computer to digitalize and control the pulp and paper process.

In 1972, the mill made a significant technological advancement by starting to use oxygen in the bleaching of pulp. This reduces the use of chlorine by half, and by 1991, the mill completely stopped using chlorine. The transition from chlorine to oxygen was a more environment-friendly, safer, and sustainable solution that contributed to reducing the negative impact on both the environment and the local community.

Billerud's mill in Säffle, 1940.
Gruvön mill in Grums.

The 2000s and the Inauguration of KM7

In 2004, Gruvön became one of the very first paper mills to be hygiene-certified according to the BRC/IoP standard.

Gruvön’s modern cardboard machine, KM7, was inaugurated in 2019. The mill now consists of two paper machines, one cardboard machine, and three pulp lines, producing a variety of products such as fluting, liner, sack paper, and various types of packaging paper. All production now consists of bleached paper.

Sustainability and Society

Gruvön Mill is an integral part of the local community. It provides employment opportunities that have not only strengthened the region economically, but also promotes social cohesion and community. The mill’s commitment to its local community is reflected in its support for various initiatives and projects aimed at improving the quality of life for area residents. This has included sponsoring local events, supporting educational programs, and participating in countless other community-building activities.