What if you could go with the natural flow?

Billerud proudly presents SWAPP Flow Wrap, an all-natural paper based packaging solution for confectionery and bakery products - recyclable in the regular paper stream. Challenging conventional alternatives with proven high performance and sustainable credentials for a climate-smart horizontal flow wrapping.

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A sustainable solution at the forefront of innovation

At Billerud, we think of natural flow as a way to unlock new thinking for a sustainable future. Plastic packaging has been around on a large scale since the 1940s and when it comes to flow wrap, there are countless products still wrapped in plastic for lack of better alternatives. Up until now! By introducing SWAPP Flow Wrap, we enable the shift from plastic to paper, without compromising on converting productivity nor barrier characteristics.


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Sustainable & Recyclable

All fibers used in Billerud Packaging papers are sourcedwith focus on sustainable forestry. By introducing low-weight and Fluoro/PVDC free SWAPP Flow Wrap, Billerud brings forward innovation based on renewable and biodegradable materials meeting brand owners and legislators need to reduce littering and increase recycling. SWAPP Flow Wrap is approved for food contact, ensuring excellent protection of content. Moreover, the recyclability fee for the material is much lower than for plastic.


Ensured Machine Productivity

In addition to the sensory look and feel as well as sustainability benefits of an all-natural packaging material, SWAPP Flow Wrap must match plastic alternatives in terms of production efficiency. To prove that the paper meets the highest manufacturing standards, it has been tested and verified by Syntegon Technology to ensure a natural production flow in terms of very high-speed conversion (proven speed >155m/min) and smooth runnability. In addition, the material also exhibits good tear resistance and dead fold properties.


Excellent Barrier Performance

As a natural mono-layer paper material, SWAPP Flow Wrap provides an excellent surface for various barriers coatings suitable for medium to high barrier requirements (chocolate bars and other confectionery as well as bakery products), regulating both water vapour transmission and high grease resistance to provide perfect product conditions.


Perfect match for confectionery and bakery packaging

What is naturally good deserves a natural packaging. The specific barrier requirements make SWAPP Flow Wrap primarily suited to match the standards for confectionery and bakery end use. Providing new business opportunities for manufacturers and brand owners that want to join the sustainable movement. Want to know more about the natural choice? Get in touch and we are happy to tell you more.

SWAPP Flow Wrap is verified by Syntegon Technology and tested in their Paper-ON-form retrofit kit.


SWAPP Flow Wrap is a barrier coated paper intended for flow wrap packaging applications. The grade is fully recyclable in the paper recycling stream.

SWAPP® to paper packaging

It is time to SWAPP®

From need to prototype and product launch, we help you SWAPP® to paper packaging. Providing leading know-how and material that make your business grow sustainably.


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