Press release
7 Sep 2023, 9:20 CET

Billerud Once Again Recognized as One of Sweden's Most Desirable Employers

According to a survey conducted by Karriärföretagen in May-July 2023, which garnered responses from 3,756 young professionals, Billerud has once again been acknowledged as one of the top ten employers in Sweden, and consolidates its position as the second most attractive employer for bachelor engineers and the third most attractive employer for master engineers.

"At Billerud, we are committed to fostering sustainable working conditions for all our employees and leaders. We place a strong emphasis on analyzing and understanding the factors that motivate both our current and potential employees," stated Jimmy Hayashi, Director of People Development.

Billerud recognizes that, much like other demographic groups, Young Professionals are driven to continuously develop and acquire new skills in their professional roles.

"I take immense pride in the fact that, at Billerud, we have been cultivating a robust culture of learning for several years, engaging and involving both our employees and leaders," added Jimmy Hayashi.

In 2023, Billerud has already received numerous accolades, including high rankings within the student demographic and praise for its exemplary trainee program.

Billerud has previously received several top rankings in 2023, including among the target group of students and for the company's traniee program.

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Young Professionals encompass individuals aged 25-35, with 1-8 years of professional experience since graduation.

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