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3 Nov 2015, 14:15 CET

Gift of superpowers aid UNICEF

This winner of this year’s Pack Challenge has been chosen. The aim of this year’s challenge was to come up with a packaging concept to get more people to support UNICEF. The winning solution lets people give a superpower to someone they like and help change the world for the better. Pack Challenge is arranged annually by BillerudKorsnäs and Berghs School of Communication.

Students this year faced a real challenge: finding the best possible way of packaging a feeling that would get more people to support UNICEF’s work. The concept needed to communicate the benefits of giving, and show how that money is used, while also encouraging more people to make donations.

The competition is an integral part of the full-time Graphic Design and Production Management courses at Berghs. BillerudKorsnäs contributes lectures and study visits through which students are able to learn more about its culture of innovation. This involves constantly challenging today's approach to packaging and developing new, sustainable materials and solutions. The aim is to spark interest in packaging solutions among tomorrow’s designers, communicators and decision makers.The winning entry features five different lapel pins, each symbolising a specific superpower. The superpowers roughly translate to: Uniting Peace Particles, Love-glimmering Kiss Catapult, Infection-annihilating Super Defence, Knowledge-lifting Wisdom Power, and Supernatural Mega-boost. Each pin is encased in an envelope where the superpower is linked to the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child. When someone receives a pin, they activate their powers by choosing a lifesaving product for use in the field on UNICEF’s website.

The winning entry builds upon the idea that even small contributions can make a big difference.  Adding a whole new dimension – making lapel pins that could become collectables – helps create a solution that is as simple as it is genius.

Winning team: Evelina Wirne, Gustaf Jonshult, Sofia Ekelund and Sara Edström

Andreas Eriksson, Head of Communication at UNICEF Sweden, says, “We see major potential in the competing entries and are very impressed by the high standard of the students’ work and their commitment to UNICEF. Our operation is completely dependent on voluntary contributions, so it's important for us to find new, innovative ways to increase our fundraising.”

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