Press release
1 Aug 2013, 11:45 CET

Divestment of paper machine in Gävle completed

BillerudKorsnäs’ divestment of paper machine PM2 at the Group’s Gävle production unit, to SwedPaper AB, has been approved by the appropriate competition authorities and the transaction has now been completed.

The transaction fulfils the requirement set by the European Commission for approval of the combination between Billerud and Korsnäs, and PM2 at the Gävle unit has now been divested to SwedPaper. Other operations at the Gävle production unit will not be affected by the sale and will remain unchanged in BillerudKorsnäs’ ownership.

Following the divestment, BillerudKorsnäs will, for example, supply input items such as pulp, steam and water to SwedPaper. BillerudKorsnäs will sell to SwedPaper an annual volume of pulp amounting to a maximum of 66 000 tons. Pricing for the pulp will be in line with the market. As of 1 August 2013, sales of pulp to PM2 will be accounted for in the Packaging Paper Business Area. Before the divestment, the operations of PM2 had been accounted for at BillerudKorsnäs under Other units.

The divestment was described previously in press releases dated 6 May 2013 and 12 June 2013.

For further information, please contact:
Christer Simrén, Vice President and COO, +46 (0)70 795 11 10
Ulf Eliasson, Mill Manager, BillerudKorsnäs Gävle, +46 (0)26 15 10 00
Sophie Arnius, Investor Relations & Financial Media Director, +46 (0)8 553 335 24 or +46 (0)70 590 80 72

The information is such that BillerudKorsnäs Aktiebolag (publ) is obligated to publish under the Swedish Securities Market Act. Submitted for publication at 11.45 CET, 1 August 2013.