Press release
16 Dec 2013, 17:00 CET

BillerudKorsnäs discontinues pre-study on production of green oil, further focuses on smarter packaging solutions

BillerudKorsnäs has investigated the conditions for pyrolysis oil production from forestry residues at the Skärblacka pulp and paper mill. The project was granted EU support within the framework of the NER300 programme in December 2012.

The BillerudKorsnäs investigation has shown that there are technical solutions at hand for the production of pyrolysis oil but that the commercial environment at current conditions, and as assumed in the short to mid-term future development, is not solid enough. BillerudKorsnäs has therefore decided to discontinue the pre-study in its current form.

“We are naturally not happy with having to discontinue a project that we have believed in, but the experience learned is extensive. We will continue to monitor development in these issues and we are ready to act on business opportunities if the conditions would change. We remain committed to our growth agenda in our core markets and to our focus towards smarter packaging solutions.” comments Per Lindberg, CEO of BillerudKorsnäs AB.