Press release
28 Nov 2012, 9:00 CET

Lieferando taking a lead on fresh pizza boxes in Germany

Lieferando, a fast growing on-line supplier of home-delivery food such as pizza, pasta and sushi has chosen Billerud’s 100% primary fibre paper for their new and improved pizza delivery boxes. The main reason behind the decision is the purity of the material guaranteeing a high level of product safety for their customers. High customer satisfaction is key and lieferando is not willing to comprise on the quality of the packaging.

Product safety is a hot topic and the regulations around food packaging are very strict. In Italy, the home of the pizza, the boxes are always made of primary fibres. Now the trend is moving North and lieferando is introducing stronger and fresher pizza boxes in Germany made from the highest quality Scandinavian fibres. The strength of the raw material makes it possible to reduce the weight of the packaging and at the same time increase the printability and purity of the food packaging.

“We are a new company wanting to challenge the market by modern technology and high customer satisfaction. It is therefore natural that we look for smarter packaging that boosts our brand and protect out high quality pizzas in the best possible way.” says Kai Hansen, MD and founder of lieferando.

The boxes will be produced by the Schiettinger Group in Auerswalde together with MB Karton Ernst Behrend in Berlin, Germany. Schiettinger Group is a company with over a century’s experience of producing solid and corrugated board for numerous types of end uses.

“We are a strong believer in the supremacy of primary fibres and the demand is constantly growing. Sustainability questions are on the agenda and we want to take our responsibility in the value chain by reducing the packaging weight and thus the waste. Billerud is a natural partner for us since they are in the forefront of developing high quality materials for smarter packaging solutions” says Bernhard Schinner, Plant Manager, at Schiettinger.

Billerud’s paper is made from a 100% primary fibres and complies with FDA 2011 Title 21, Chapter 1, § 176.170, §176.180 and BfR 2012 A, recommendation XXXVI. The paper is both compostable and recyclable.