Press release
30 Sep 2011, 8:30 CET

The top design award in the world of packaging goes to NINE, Billerud’s innovation and design agency

The NINE innovation and design agency, in which Billerud is the main shareholder, has been awarded Pentaward’s Best of the Show for its work on Ramlösa premium PET. This international packaging design contest is being held for the fifth year in a row, with prizes awarded in platinum, gold, silver and bronze categories, plus a diamond (best of the show) award to the best entry in all categories.

“We are delighted to have won this award. It goes to show that NINE is a truly interesting innovation partner for brand owners who have understood the importance of smarter packaging as a competitive tool. Packaging has become an increasingly important tool for communication and marketing to consumers and it is crucial to have a strategy for the entire product lifecycle,” says NINE MD Jon Haag.

NINE developed the innovative packaging solution for Carlsberg’s Swedish premium version of Ramlösa, primarily intended for selected restaurants, bars and clubs. NINE was commissioned to investigate and identify new, smarter packaging in a material other than glass while retaining the premium feel and the experienced value of the iconic product. The design process took about a year and was initially carried out in collaboration with No Picnic. The new packaging was successfully launched in May 2011.

NINE’s innovation work shows that major improvements in brand recognition and profitability can be achieved with the help of smarter packaging solutions. The new Ramlösa packaging has dramatically increased production volumes and attracted new customers, with customer numbers up 16 percent.

“What drives us is developing smarter packaging solutions that save costs, strengthen brands, improve logistics and help protect the environment. This means we are very happy that NINE is part of Billerud’s network of expertise,” says Billerud CEO Per Lindberg.