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19 Apr 2011, 9:00 CET

SoliQ, a unique service concept for the Global Produce Supply Chain

Billerud Fresh Services is now launching SoliQ™, a unique service concept focusing on optimising the Global Produce Supply Chain, from growers to retailers. SoliQ has been developed to substantially reduce losses linked to under-performing packaging during transport, to allow greater efficiency and lower environmental impact.

SoliQ™ is an optimised corrugated packaging concept, developed by the Billerud Box Lab, and the direct result of Billerud’s close work with the value chain for fruit and vegetables.

But this is just one part of the SoliQ concept. Sensors are also used to follow the produce all the way from the fruit exporter to the retailer in Europe, in order to secure the quality and make sure that any problems are detected immediately. Furthermore, Billerud Fresh Services works with partners specialised in controlled and modified atmospheres to increase the shelf life of the produce.

SoliQ will be supplied by the Fresh Box Alliance – a global network of corrugated manufacturers from the main fresh produce countries worldwide. The Alliance is the result of Billerud Fresh Services´ initiative and the member of the Fresh Box Alliance, the packaging manufacturer undertakes to produce SoliQ marked corrugated boxes according to stringent quality standards.

With the launch of SoliQ,Billerud Fresh Services is taking a major step forward in strengthening and increasing quality in the fresh produce supply chains. By setting the standard for supply chain efficiency and minimising packaging-related waste, margins can be significantly improved in the fresh produce sector, while also achieving positive environmental gains.

“The European market for fruit and vegetables is valued at EUR 100 billion. About 10 percent of all fresh produce never reaches the consumer. A significant amount of this unnecessary and costly waste is due to inferior packaging. With the SoliQ concept, we are taking giant steps to solve this problem,” says Tobias Bergarp, Managing Director of Billerud Fresh Services.

By launching the SoliQ concept, Billerud Fresh Services is also strengthening the market position of corrugated board packaging against other packaging alternatives such as Returnable Plastic Crates (RPC).

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About Billerud Fresh Services

Billerud Fresh Services AB is a subsidiary of Billerud AB.

Fresh Services’ mission is to significantly reduce waste along the distribution chain for fresh produce and contribute to increased profitability for our customers.

The goal is to create added value for the stakeholders in addition to reducing the environmental impact.

Billerud Fresh Services focuses on the value of packaging performance as the key to decreased waste and increased profit throughout the value chain.