Press release
19 Sep 2011, 8:30 CET

New agreement with leading packaging company

Billerud Fresh Services AB has signed an agreement with Carmel Container Systems Ltd. from the Hadera Paper Group to become a member of the Fresh Box Alliance.

Carmel Container Systems Ltd., a leading packaging company in Israel, has recently signed up as a full member of the Fresh Box Alliance. This alliance is a global network of select, top-quality packaging manufacturers working for the worldwide fresh produce industry.

Members of the alliance have access to an optimised supply chain management concept called SoliQ™, specifically created for the global fresh produce industry. SoliQ was created by Billerud Fresh Services AB to ensure efficiency throughout the fresh produce cold chain. The concept utilises real-time data and is backed up by technical knowhow in order to meet the specific requirements of both importers and retailers. The SoliQ concept represents decreased costs and improved margins for all stakeholders in the supply chain. The increased protection of produce through SoliQ also leads to significant environmental benefits.

“We are very pleased that Carmel has joined the Fresh Box Alliance, since Carmel is an innovative and dedicated player in this industry,” says Tobias Bergarp, Managing Director at Billerud Fresh Services AB. “Carmel is expected to supply between seven and nine million SoliQ boxes to the European market in the coming season. Their commitment shows their ambition as a proactive player on the market, but also that SoliQ creates value for their customers.”

“Carmel is driven by the ambition to develop optimal packaging performance,” says Doron Kempler, Managing Director at Carmel Container Systems Ltd. “We are convinced that our membership in the Fresh Box Alliance together with the opportunity to use the SoliQ concept will be of great benefit to our customers. The SoliQ concept also takes into consideration the dynamics in a retail store, such as handling, shelf readiness and aesthetic appeal, which are of importance to our customers. In Billerud Fresh Services we have found a good match and trusty partner.”

“We are at the starting point of an exciting journey that will improve efficiency in the supply chain and secure fresh and nutritious fruit and vegetables for European consumers,” says Tobias Bergarp. “I look forward to seeing other dedicated and professional companies follow in Carmel’s footsteps.” says Tobias Bergarp.