Press release
30 Jun 2010, 9:00 CET

New test method reduces waste

CCT10 is a new test method developed by Billerud in order to measure true paper performance of corrugated board. This is a further step towards the company’s vision of setting the global packaging standard.

Billerud has taken the standardised method used by the industry, CCT, and developed it so that it more accurately simulates demanding transportation in real life. Our method, CCT10, subjects the paper to an even, constant load over a period of 10 days and in conditions of high humidity. The specification indicates the weight a paper can withstand in these demanding conditions. The test reveals significant differences between the strength and endurance of different qualities – differences that the traditional test does not show as clearly.

Billerud Box Lab has the capacity to tests boxes and papers using CCT10. Box Lab has several compression testers and a climate chamber, which can be adjusted for humidity and temperature. It also has the technical competence needed to analyse the results and, when necessary, propose improvements. Billerud welcomes paper and packaging manufacturers and users of packaging solutions to test their materials in Box Lab.

“We know that packaging-related losses can be reduced substantially by taking the actual demands in the delivery chain into account. We want to help industry develop better solutions. Billerud’s goal is to introduce a new standard that specifies how well a quality performs in the real-life conditions of demanding transportation”, says Lennart Eberleh, Business Area Director, Billerud Packaging Boards.  


The traditional test for paper used in corrugated board, CCT, which is used by paper manufacturers all over the world, involves crushing the material using a compression tester. The material’s specification is determined by the peak load it can withstand before collapsing, without taking into account the relevant climates and transport times.