Press release
28 Oct 2010, 9:00 CET

New innovative sack concepts launched

​Billerud is now launching a complete new series of sack concepts focused on the brand owner’s demand for high productivity combined with moisture protection, long shelf-life, attractive design and compostability through the use of bioplastic in combination with paper.

Moisture barriers often force customers to compromise on the productivity of the filling process, but with these new concepts all that has changed.
“The end customer focus has been the driving force behind the development of Billerud’s new sack solutions for products such as construction materials and industrial minerals in powder form,” explains Johan Nellbeck, Business Area Director, Packaging & Speciality Paper.

QuickFill® BioTex for lower environmental impact
QuickFill® BioTex is one of the paper sack concepts with a moisture protection made from bioplastic from our subsidiary Billerud Tenova Bioplastics. The moisture protection is manufactured from a renewable raw material derived from cornstarch. All the components of QuickFill® BioTex are both biodegradable and compostable in accordance with EN-13432.

Testing at customer sites and Billerud Sack Lab - key development tools
Billerud’s QuickFill® sack paper, which combines high strength and high porosity, is a vital component of the new sack concepts. The company’s Sack Lab and the extensive experience of our staff in the value chain for industrial sacks are essential components of our research and development work.
“We are very pleased with the tests at the Sack Lab in Karlsborg and the trial runs and functionality tests at customer sites, which showed that all five of the sack designs offer added value and work extremely well,” says Nellbeck.