Press release
8 Dec 2010, 8:15 CET

NASDAQ OMX prize for ”Best 2009 Report”

​During Finforum 2010, a seminar about communication between listed companies and the market, Billerud received the award for “Best 2009 Report” in the MidCap Company class.

This competition has been held since 1966 with the purpose of developing and improving the quality of external information provided by listed companies. Billerud’s annual report won the prize for its logical organisation and good balance of text, photo and graphics, as well as some interesting and unique approaches. The jury also considered the description of sustainability initiatives that provides a common theme for the entire annual report to be a positive feature.

Moreover, the jury feels that Billerud is highly deserving of its award in the “Mid cap” class and that the annual report, with its high ambitions and exemplary clarity, could even hold its own among the ”large cap” companies on the stock exchange.

Finforum is an event arranged jointly by FAR (the industry organisation for auditors and advisers), the Swedish Society of Financial Analysts (SFF), NASDAQ OMX, the Swedish Public Relations Association and Far Academy.

Billerud’s annual report also won second place in the Swedish Shareholders' Association annual assessment of annual reports from all listed companies.