Press release
16 Jun 2009, 14:00 CET

New study by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute reveals: Billerud’s products have positive climate impact

Billerud’s products cause very low emissions of greenhouse gases during their life cycles because they are produced at energy-efficient mills powered by biofuel. The raw materials are taken from wellmanaged, expanding forests that consume large amounts of carbon dioxide. Billerud’s products are therefore good for the global climate. That’s the conclusion of a new study by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

The new study is a Carbon Footprint analysis that summarises the emissions of greenhouse gases created during the full life cycle of Billerud’s products. This includes all raw materials, production, distribution and consumption, and what happens to the product after being used. “The purpose of the study is mainly to provide accurate information for our customers who can then work out the carbon footprint of their own products. The results show that from a climate perspective our products are very good. This is because of the carbon dioxide consumed in the forest and the energy-efficiency of our mills,” comments Patrik Bosander, project manager atBillerud AB. During its life time, a carrier bag made of Billerud paper causes fossil emissions of around 20 grams of carbon dioxide and consumption in the forest of 137 grams of carbon dioxide. Consumption of carbon dioxide is thus greater than the fossil emissions during the full life cycle, which is why the carrier bag has a positive climate impact. “Emissions of greenhouse gases during production are relatively low. This is mainly due to the fact that the energy in the biomass is utilised. In our study we have indicated the connection between the net growth of forest and the products. The results show that for most products, the net consumption of carbon dioxide in the forest exceeds emissions of fossil carbon dioxide during the full life cycle,” says Elin Eriksson, acting department manager at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute. Billerud is a member of the Swedish Forest Industries Federation, which targets a 20% reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 2020. “We are convinced that we are already among the best in this area but to be fully credible when we discuss the environmental impact of our products and activities we must have the full facts. We know have those facts. But we won’t stop there. For us it is both economically and environmentally important to carry on reducing our use of fossil fuels, even though it is already very low,”says Patrik Bosander. The study covered all paper grades produced by Billerud at its Skärblacka, Gruvön and Karlsborg mills in Sweden. The products included in the study were unbleached and bleached sack paper, containerboard materials and kraft paper, which is used to make carrier bags among other products. The full report can be found at Solna, Sweden 16th June 2009 Billerud AB (publ) Per Lindberg President and CEO For more information, please contact: Patrik Bosander, Project Manager, Business Development, Billerud AB. Tel: +46 8-55333526, +46 703-135990