Press release
12 Oct 2009, 8:15 CET

Billerud launches annual trainee programme for young graduates

For the first time Billerud is recruiting ten new graduates on a one-year trainee programme that will start in February 2010. Continual recruitment of promising young engineers and business graduates, and giving them an in-depth knowledge of all parts of the Billerud Group, is a dynamic initiative to boost the company’s development in both production and marketing.

Each trainee will have a specific base within the Group’s Swedish units, but various project initiatives will enable them to build strong internal networks. One of these projects will be based internationally to reflect the fact that 95% of Billerud’s products are exported. Practical assignments will be combined with theory and courses in individual development, resulting in a personal development plan for each trainee. “To compete for the best young graduates we must have an attractive offer, which we consider our new trainee programme to be. The aim of recruiting so many young, enterprising people at the same time is to build internal pressure focused on innovation so we can strengthen our position as the key challenger in our industry,” says Cecilia Lundin, head of Human Resources at Billerud. The background to the recruitment of promising graduates is the need to strengthen development in production and marketing while securing the supply of new leaders ahead of the approaching generation shift. The aim is to recruit a dozen or so trainees every year.