Press release
12 Sep 2005, 15:19 CET

Billerud’s financial calendar and date of 2006 Annual General Meeting

Billerud’s financial calendar for 2006: Year-end report 2005 8 February Interim report January-March 3 May Interim report January-June 27 July Interim report January- September 15 November The Annual General Meeting will be held on 3 May. Stockholm 12 September 2005 Billerud AB (publ) Per Lindberg President and CEO For further information, please contact: Per Lindberg, President and CEO, +46 8 553 335 00 Nils Lindholm, CFO, +46 8 553 335 07 or 070 217 5225 Billerud is a packaging paper company with a business concept to supply customers with innovative packaging paper. A consistent concentration on attractive market segments and a strong customer focus are cornerstones of Billerud’s strategy. Billerud focuses on kraft paper and containerboard and has a world-leading position within several product segments. The company’s production units are among the most cost-efficient in Europe for these products.