2 Jun 2023, 12:35 CET

We are building for a sustainable future - the new recovery boiler in Frövi is approaching commissioning

In 2021, a decision was made to invest 2.6 billion SEK in a new recovery boiler in Frövi. It is part of the transition to a fossil-free and circular society where packaging is recyclable. The investment is strategic for Billerud but also for the basic industry in Sweden. Despite a challenging external environment, the important milestones have been achieved according to schedule.

Billerud recovery boiler reaching final stage

The extensive construction of the recovery boiler and its surrounding buildings is approaching 90% completion of the activities. We successfully conducted a pressure test of the recovery boiler at the end of February 2023, which was a significant milestone. The next major milestone is the commissioning of the recovery boiler, which will take place over several months, starting in May, gradually transitioning to full operation.

The control center is almost complete, housing new modern offices and the heart of the operation - the control room. The construction of pipe bridges, which are the lifeline of the program, connecting the existing plant with the new one, is in the intensive final phase. The program organization, consisting of approximately 60 employees, will be phased out, and by the end of September, the organization will completely hand over the facility to the operations.


“Collaboration and communication between the operations, the project, and suppliers have been crucial, especially in the current challenging times and the external challenges we face. Transparency and openness have contributed to solution-oriented progress among all parties. We are proud to have managed the trust of the board and management, and now we will bring this to completion all the way.”

- Richard Morén, Mill Director


Training crucial for the operation of the new recovery boiler

An extensive training package with nearly 90-100 different training programs has been developed. Approximately 150 employees at the Frövi mill participate to varying degrees. The training includes theoretical, simulator-based, and hands-on site training. The goal is to facilitate the transition from the construction phase to operation and sustainable maintenance of the new recovery boiler.

More efficient resource and energy use

The new recovery boiler runs on fossil-free biofuel. It will also contribute to lower emissions to the air and is a vital part of the important chemical recovery process carried out at the Frövi mill, as well as improving resource and energy efficiency.

The expertise within Billerud, the contractors involved, and in the region is demonstrated by the fact that the construction of the new recovery boiler has stayed on schedule despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, conflicts in neighboring regions, and a generally uncertain global situation. Before the official handover, SPAjax and the main supplier will conduct tests according to the contracts to ensure and optimize an outstanding facility. The new recovery boiler is an important contribution to Billerud's green and digital transformation.

The recovery boiler will be put into operation at the end of 2023.



About the program

The program consists of three projects - Greenfield, Brownfield, and the recovery boiler. Each project is led by a project manager. The phase we are entering now involves ongoing commissioning. It requires cooperation and consensus among all involved parties to make this a successful and smooth process.

What does the investment in the new recovery boiler entail?

A new recovery boiler ensures the availability of stable pulp production in Frövi, which in turn provides more steam and increased internal electricity production. The boiler creates opportunities for increased integration and enhanced collaboration between the sulfate and carton factories. It also leads to increased steam production and a better working environment.

The new modern recovery boiler enables:

  • Increased energy efficiency and more efficient use of resources
  • Lower emissions to the air
  • Greater flexibility in production
  • New modern technology that adapts to the green and digital

Pipe bridges

The pipe bridges consist of a total of 867 tons of steel, 10,800 meters of pipes, and 9,500 meters of electrical and instrumentation cables. They are, as mentioned, an extensive circulatory system that makes the heart beat - the new recovery boiler, our new workplace.

The building of the recovery boiler is approximately 90 meters tall - equivalent to the length of a football field.