17 Nov 2023, 15:22 CET

The association "Forest in the School" celebrates 50 years – Billerud has been involved since the start

"The Forest in the School" has worked for 50 years to ensure that children and young people have a relationship with the forest. Right now, the association's work is more important than ever. The forest can create faith in the future through its role in sustainable development, and Billerud has been one of the companies behind the initiative since its inception, something we are very proud of.

Behind "The Forest in the School" are organizations, companies, research institutions, foundations and funds, including Billerud. Together, they have provided teachers around Sweden with educational tools to give students knowledge about the forest. In this way, hundreds of thousands of children have been able to visit the forest and create a good relationship with their surrounding nature.

Johanna Ydringer, Manager OHS and Management Systems Wood Supply represents Billerud and has been involved in “The Forest in the School” for about 13 years:

"Today, it is perhaps more important than ever that children and young people have a relationship to the forest. In a time of great concern for the climate and for the future, can the forest offer hope for the future. The more we all learn about the forest, the more we understand that it is part of the solution to the climate problem. In addition, staying in the forest increases our well-being."

In close cooperation between the various actors, an operational plan has been produced for each region in Sweden with a budget, long-term strategy and steering documents. Billerud has subsequently participated in certain activities such as business days, forest days for study and vocational guidance counselors, teachers and students.

Johanna continues:

"There is satisfaction in seeing children and teachers gain an experience and a greater understanding of forests and forestry. It is usually a positive experience and it can lead to us one day being able to recruit people who, like me, love forests and nature.”

Not only in Sweden

"The Forest in the School" is connected to the international education program LEAF, which consists of a total of 27 member countries. The purpose of the program is to encourage schools to use the forest as a classroom and to spread knowledge about the importance of the forest to our society. LEAF was originally founded by representatives from "The Forest in the School" in Sweden, Norway and Finland, in 1999.