15 Jun 2023, 15:30 CET

Billerud is honored as one of Sweden's most attractive employers among students

Every year, Career Company (Karriärföretagen) lists the approximately 200 companies that offer the best career and development opportunities to young talents. Billerud was already awarded this recognition earlier this year and is now also proud to be ranked in the top 10 among Sweden's most attractive employers for university and engineering students.

From January to April 2023, Karriärföretagen conducted a survey through its student network, asking the question: "Which are the three most attractive and exciting employers among the companies designated as Karriärföretag 2023?" The answer led Billerud to the 7th position among final year students in the Master's program and the 4th position among Bachelor's students in their first and second years.

"This is our debut on the Students' Top 10 list, a great complement to our previous achievement when we ranked 3rd among Engineers in the Young Professionals category. At Billerud, we value diversity and inclusion, prioritize fair wages and benefits, provide opportunities for personal development and advancement, and ensure a safe working environment. We strongly believe that these aspects have contributed to our success as an employer", says Jimmy Hayashi, Director People Development.

The selection process consists of several steps. Employers that meet several basic criteria, such as having at least 250 employees and/or a turnover of over 250 MSEK, can be awarded as Career Company. The qualified employers are reviewed by an expert panel composed of specialists in HR, communication, and social media, based on four parameters. The 300 employers that receive the highest value from the expert panel proceed to Career Company’s jury, which evaluates and forms the list of Career Companies.

"For Billerud, like many other employers, there is a significant need for competence in technology and engineering-related positions. We are incredibly proud that our work in promoting Billerud's employer brand has been recognized among students, and we would like to extend a big thank you to all the students who participated in the survey, as well as to all our employees for making Billerud an amazing workplace. We look forward to welcoming new talents to our organization!", says Julia Åkerlund, Talent Acquisition Partner at Billerud.

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