9 Nov 2018, 18:23 CET

“Sucrerie” gold award winner in packaging design competition PIDA Germany 2018

The theme for this year's PIDA, unboxing, was responded to by the participating students with great creative height. Of the twelve contributions by students from HDM Stuttgart + FHWS Würzburg, Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart, Hochschule München and University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, “Sucrerie” was awarded the Gold award as winner of all categories.

BillerudKorsnäs Packaging Impact Design Award (PIDA), this year celebrates it’s fourteenth year as an international competition. This year's challenge, unboxing, is based on the moment a package is opened for the first time, and is about the consumer's first meeting with a product, but also a brand's ability to make a global impression through the unboxing phenomenon in social media. However, the brief to the contestants was more far-reaching than that. The contributions should also reflect a sustainable, innovative and functional packaging concept that differs from the conventional solutions we see in stores and e-commerce today.

PIDA Gold Award. Winner all categories: ”Sucrerie”

The German PIDA Gold Award was awarded the concept ”Sucrerie” developped by Ellena Köcheler and Lukas Wörn from HDM Stuttgart + FHWS Würzburg. Motivation of the jury:

The combination of design, unexpected functionality such as turntables, overall concept development and comprehensive execution convinced the jury strongly on all counts. The idea of a premium product presentation was translated into an innovative, purposeful packaging solution with an unconventional design and a positive unboxing experience – and thereby created a feasible product package with a high market potential.

In addition winners was also appointed for the following categories:


Highest level of sustainability, winner: “Barber Club”

The award for the highest level of sustainability was awarded the concept "Barber Club" by Laura Winkler, Nina Peters, Dominik Aigner and Felix Sturm from Hochschule München. Motivation of the jury:

It is hard to find a winner of the sustainability category when, at the same time, the demands are high when it comes to the unboxing experience. Understandably, it is hard to combine the two.. In the opinion of the jury, the project that succeeded best in this dual achievement was Barber Club. A full set of beard care products is a better proposition than having to unpack blister packs or individual products wrapped in plastic. Because it is a fine, rolled-up and mobile kit that offers an easy overview of the selection of products, the jury found it worthy of the prize.

Highest level of innovation, winner: “Le Paonneau”

The award for the highest level of innovation was awarded the concept "Le Paonneau" by Liane Jehle, Sonja Herr and Philipp Tretter from Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart. Motivation of the jury:

Not quite ranking as the total winner in terms of overall achievement, the jury nevertheless assessed the Paonneau packaging as an equal contender to the Gold Award. However, the form, language, function, graphics and the witty presentation of the concept came together as a coherent packaging solution, which also demonstrated the highest level of innovation of all competitors.


Highest level of user friendliness, winner: “Buddies”

The award for the highest level of user friendliness was awarded the concept "Buddies" by Sarah Geißler and Theresa Brandl from University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt. Motivation of the jury:

The highest attention to detail and high-value elaboration made Buddies found its way to a top position in user friendliness. Some more elaboration on the idea could to some extent have resulted in a more positive unboxing experience. The jury could imagine other products using this idea as an attractive packaging form. It has the quality of working as a template for serial production.

People's Choice Award, winner: ”Buddies”

Winner of German PIDA People's Choice Award, with the most (443) likes and shares on PIDA's Facebook page, was the concept "Buddies" by Sarah Geißler and Theresa Brandl from University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt.

Renowned jury

This year's jury for the Germany PIDA contest consisted of a collection of renowned industry specialists: Thomas Reissig (Verdesoft, Chairman of the PIDA jury), Sven von Känel (Primavera), Nina Hornung (Pack n‘ Design), Maren Krieg (Stabilo International), Helmut Sieber (Edelmann), Klaus Viergutz (MPS), Andreas Schabert (Brandpack), Nicolas Hetzel (Ritter), Stephan Bestehorn (rlc), Sandra Tennemann (Packaging Circus), Tom Sefrin (Roche Pharma), Ute Lang (Schwan Cosmetics), Dorothea Langer (Coty Inc), Birte Dorenkamp (Emmi AG), Jörg Storneke (BillerudKorsnäs) and Lena Dahlberg (BillerudKorsnäs).

About PIDA

BillerudKorsnäs Packaging Impact Design Award (PIDA), has been organized annually since 2005 in collaboration with leading colleges and universities in England, France, Germany and Sweden. The goal with the competition is to put the packaging at the center and show how significant packaging is for both the product and the environment. Every year, approximately 200 design students participate in the competition, which is an integral part of the education.

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