6 Nov 2018, 11:07 CET

Petra Einarsson has been awarded Ruter Dam 2018

Petra Einarsson has been awarded Ruter Dam 2018 - A honorary award awarded to the woman who has been promoted to the most influential managerial post in Swedish business in the past year.

The selection process for the honorary award Ruter Dam takes into account the company size, turnover, number of employees and the female manager's degree of power and influence. The prize winner is appointed by the Board of Directors of Ruter Dam: chairman Gunnel Duveblad, Gunilla Arhén, founder Ruter Dam, Ann Carlsson, CEO Apoteket AB and Malin Persson, professional board member.

Motivation of the jury

Petra Einarsson is CEO of a globally recognized industrial company, consisting mostly of men. The company is engaged in innovation, research and development focusing on sustainability and circular economy. Billerud Korsnäs is part of the Swedish basic industry, with many other exciting companies, which are enormously important for Sweden. Petra's task is to lead the company in the right direction through clarity, focus on objectives, decentralized organization and an equal management team, which in the long run hopefully will increase the number of women in leading positions in more industrial companies. Petra is a true female role model, and the fact that she also went to Ruter Dam's 2004 program and is a mentor with us, makes us extra proud.

“I am extremely happy and honored by the honorary award "Ruter Dam", which shows that what I achieved so far has been important for female leaders and for Swedish business. The award also gives me the courage to continue to lead the company in the direction I strongly believe in and dare to change as the world changes. We have an important mission as industry, innovation, research and development leader in Sweden
Petra Einarsson CEO, BillerudKorsnäs

Read the press release here. (in Swedish)

About Ruter Dam

Ruter Dam is a managerial and mentoring program founded in 1987. The goal is to have more female managers at a high level in Swedish business. Since its inception, more than 1,200 women have participated in Ruter Dam's one-year program and a unique business network has been established. In 2017, Ruter Dam's sister program, Spader Ess, started a program for younger women at the beginning of the career where Ruter Dam members are mentors. The business is characterized by business acumen, quality and results. Read more here (in Swedish)