18 Oct 2018, 8:30 CET

Paper takes centre stage – BillerudKorsnäs celebrates the first European Paper Bag Day

On October 18, the first European Paper Bag Day takes place.  BillerudKorsnäs, in collaboration with other leading kraft paper producers and bag manufacturers in Europe,  will celebrate the merits of the paper bag, showing that paper bags are a more sustainable alternative to conventional plastic bags.

The world is taking notice. Conventional plastic bags are now synonymous with ocean pollution and the growing elephant in the room: climate change. The use of paper bags are no longer seen as a lofty goal, but a reliable, sustainable alternative.  

Unlike single-use plastic, paper is naturally biodegradable and decomposes within a few months. The paper bags produced in Europe are made from renewable raw materials sourced from sustainably managed European forests. The paper produced by BillerudKorsnäs, for instance, is made from 100% primary fibres from Scandinavian forests where at least two new trees are planted for each tree used.

European Paper Bag Day is an initiative from the Paper Bag Platform, steered by two organisations, CEPI Eurokraft and EUROSAC. As a member of the platform, BillerudKorsnäs sees this a perfect occasion to spread the word about the sustainability benefits of paper bags compared to other less sustainable alternatives.


We are concerned about the mountain of single-use plastic that is growing in stores all over Europe, and even more so about the plastic litter that is poisoning our oceans. If initiatives like this can raise awareness and cause a change, we are happy to contribute
Malin Ljung Eiborn, Director Sustainability and Public Affairs at BillerudKorsnäs

“During European Paper Bag Day, you will see a lot of interesting insights around paper carrier bags in our digital channels. Spread the word by all means. Knowledge is power, and if more people are better informed, we have a much greater chance to challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future together,” says Malin Ljung Eiborn.

About European Paper Bag Day
“The Paper Bag” platform was founded in 2017 by the leading European paper manufacturers and producers of paper bags, among them BillerudKorsnäs. The platform dedicates itself to promoting the advantages of paper packaging.

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