Meet summer worker Katarina

Meet our summer worker, engineering student, Katarina Winsa. During the summer 2015 she worked as Purchaser at the purchasing department.


Tell us what a regular day at work look like?

Simplified is about buying both goods and services. A big challenge is always to make the balance to have a sufficient but not too large stock, because too large a stock becomes expensive while it is very costly if production is still due to the lack of spare parts.

Why did you choose BillerudKorsnäs?

There were many different reasons. Partly because it is relevant to my education, but also because I want to work in Kalix. Then I've always had BillerudKorsnäs back in my mind, it's an important and big company I'm curious about.

What's the best thing about working here?

I think it's a fun mix of people with good dynamics, secondly it's very evolving that you always learn new things. A lot of people here at my department are also very helpful and interested in sharing their competence, which of course is appreciated.

Can you imagine working for BillerudKorsnäs in the future?

I have not yet decided what direction I will choose in the studies, but I feel so positive about this. For example, because of the summer job, I have become more interested in going into a technical field in school, instead of economics that was my first plan.


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