What if a career with us could unlock your full potential?

We have over 150 different professional roles at Billerud, and a career with us can therefore take on many different guises. We now have a chance to get to know Monica Edlund, who started as an instrument mechanic in 2000 and now works as a maintenance engineer at our mill in Skärblacka.

After completing her education in control engineering, Monica was tipped off by a friend about a vacancy that she decided to apply for. From being one of few women in the workplace, the situation is different today, and Monica describes the journey she has been on.

Prior to her current role, Monica worked as an instrument mechanic at the paper mill and pulp mill, an automation technician and a maintenance planner. The advantage of working in different roles is that she has a good overall understanding of the company as well as how her decisions today as a maintenance engineer affect the business.

In my previous roles, I’ve worked with spare parts at the mill and have seen the need to easily find current stock items and on that basis lay a foundation for stock-keeping and modernisation of our equipment in a structured way.”

What has made your journey within the Group possible?

Above all, hard work that has shown what I can do and colleagues and managers who have believed in me.” Monica also highlights the professional pride she feels and the new tasks she has been given over the years that have enabled her to meet many more colleagues in other departments and mills. “This in turn has expanded my view of the ‘outside world’, giving me the chance to reflect on Skärblacka’s role in the bigger picture". Furthermore, Monica says that the challenge in this is to understand how her work affects others in the long run, which is very exciting.

What tips would you give to others who want to try out different roles within Billerud?

Trust yourself and be bold enough to try something new!” Sometimes stepping outside your comfort zone can lead to new opportunities. Monica describes herself as a person who wants to exert an influence, and she is happy to contribute suggestions for improvement. Focusing on what’s fun and seizing opportunities as they come up is also important. 

What do you enjoy most about working at Billerud?

Monica thinks teamwork and working together to achieve a high-quality product are fantastic. “It’s important that we do this together.” She also likes the fact that there are so many different types of roles and opportunities, which is a major reason why Monica has worked here for 21 years.

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