What if a career with us could unlock your full potential?

A career at Billerud may take many different forms. For Mattias, it started with a summer job lasting two summers during which he worked on quality control of packaging. We now have the opportunity to get to know Mattias Edvartsen, who works as a process engineer.

After his studies at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Mattias was given a role as Packaging Engineer at our mill in Karlsborg, outside Kalix in northern Sweden, in 2017. After two years as a packaging engineer, an opportunity as acting laboratory manager arose. In this role he was responsible for a team of six employees. Following the end of his temporary employment, Mattias stepped into the role of process engineer on the coating machine, where he remains to this day.“An enjoyable and broad role in which I get to work with product development, process optimisation and technical customer service.”

What has made your journey within the Group possible?

Mattias says that the trust he has received from his managers has enabled him to take on new roles. He has also taken it upon himself to ask what opportunities are available.“A lot of it is about what you get interested in and enjoy doing so much that you’d like to continue.” After his stint in the lab, he felt he wanted to work in production, so the role of process engineer was perfect in that respect.

What tips would you give to others who want to try out different roles within Billerud?

Have the courage to ask – sometimes there may be opportunities that you may not see or know about. That’s why it’s important to have a dialogue with your manager, for example in performance appraisals, or to contact people outside your department to learn more about other roles. Quite simply, networking!

What do you enjoy most about working at Billerud?

The social aspects and the climate.” Mattias thinks it’s fantastic that there is such a large employer in Kalix with which he has the opportunity to practice his profession and make use of his education.

As a process engineer, Mattias finds it extremely fun and exciting to see how the work is progressing. He also enjoys the social part of the job in which he gets to work closely with operators and customers, which is an enjoyable mix and gives him the opportunity to get acquainted with the entire supply chain.

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