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A career at Billerud may take many different forms. Emelia Nydén started at Billerud slightly by chance and now, nine years later, we are sitting here going through Emelia’s exciting journey.

After a few years studying at the University of Örebro to become an audiologist, Emelia felt in early 2012 that she wanted to develop her skills in a different direction. Her goal was to apply for a logistics course starting after the summer of 2012, but to tide her over until then, Emelia applied for a role as a pallet loader at Billerud in Frövi. The temporary position quickly became permanent, and when Emelia was expecting her first child in 2013 and could no longer work as a loader, the company stepped in and offered her a role as a delivery planner in Customer Service.“A lot of the contacts I had in the various roles were the same, and when Customer Service launched in Frövi in 2012, there was a need for people who had insight into the business, which I was able to provide.”

Just before Emelia went on parental leave in early 2014, she was asked to take on a permanent role as delivery planner, which was exactly in line with her thoughts on logistics training. In 2020, Emelia joined CartonBoard as Team Leader for Customer Service and now has 21 employees in her team.

What has made your journey within the Group possible?

Emelia’s leaders have been very important to her development, and many of the managers she has had have expressed the opinion that Emelia would be a suitable leader. So it has always been one of her goals in performance appraisals and has been discussed on such occasions. Now that Emelia is a manager herself, she feels that it is important to have a dialogue about career development with her employees.“As a leader, I try to provide opportunities for my employees to develop – I think that’s both the most challenging part of being a leader but also the most fun.”

What tips would you give to others who want to try out different roles within Billerud?

As Emelia herself puts it, she may not have the typical academic background for the role of a leader, but has instead had the courage to show initiative and ask questions in order to develop. This shows and it is very important both for her own development and for the company as a whole.“Get involved in projects that you are passionate about. And if there are no projects, maybe you can start one? Are there improvements to be made in your role? Be clear about what you’re passionate about and talk to your boss.”

What do you enjoy most about working at Billerud?

Emelia has held three different positions over the years and says that the pride of representing a sustainable company is the best thing. In addition, over these nine years, Emelia has had very good colleagues, leaders and now employees. The fact that over these years I’ve been able to develop further in each role has also been a very positive part of working at Billerud.

In Emelia’s current role as Team Leader, the challenges are the most fun part.“For me, stepping into a leadership position was completely new, and it’s allowed me to develop and learn so much in a short period of time.” 

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