Responsible supply chain

Our production units buy raw materials, transport, products, chemicals, energy and services. Working towards a sustainable supply chain means that all purchasing decisions must be made in line with principles of business ethics and comply with the sustainability criteria laid down.

Billerud makes high demands on suppliers, planners and timber purchasers. The fundamental requirements that apply to our suppliers are based on Billerud’s Supplier Code of Conduct together with international standards, current legislation and regulations. The Supplier Code of Conduct clearly sets out our expectations and minimum requirements and includes areas such as statutory compliance, business ethics, human rights and labour law, health and safety and the environment. Goals and activities to achieve a sustainable supply chain are integrated in the business plan for the purchasing function, with the ambition to improve the sustainability performance of both Billerud and our suppliers.

Read our Supplier Code of Conduct here.

Supplier evaluations

Billerud has processes for supplier evaluation and follow-up that are adapted to the type of purchase and supplier. In Europe we have routines to identify suppliers that are critical to the business, such as suppliers of direct material or who are deemed to have supply risks. More information about our purchasing processes can be found in our sustainability report.

Sustainability and compliance are important parts of the supplier evaluations. Not least in order to achieve our climate goals. Read more about how we target our supplier evaluations and carbon dioxide emissions within the supply chain on the Sustainability targets page.



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Sustainability report

Billerud's sustainability report contains details on our sustainability work and results from the year.

Sustainability targets

Our sustainability work is driven by a number of tangible and ambitious targets that help us to steer our strategy and daily operations.

About our Code of Conduct

Billerud Code of Conduct brings together the values, attitudes and guidelines governing our relations with each other and with society.