Partnerships and community engagement

Billerud’s business concerns and affects society and people. The ambition is to engage in local and global collaboration to help create sustainable value. We are convinced that it is through partnerships and strategic working relationships with others that we reach our full potential.

A local actor with a great responsibility

Billerud is one of the largest actors in the Swedish paper industry, employing more than every tenth person who works in the sector. We are the largest private employer in several of the communities in which the Swedish production units are located. This gives us significant indirect impact on the community, for example through investments in infrastructure. Proximity to our production units also produces effects such as the opportunity to use surplus heat from production to heat homes, for example.

Active dialogue with decision-makers

Billerud participates in various initiatives, industry organisations and networks to follow the development of legislation and strengthen the role of bio-based products in society. Our Annual and Sustainability Report contains a selection of the most significant commitments.

A global engagement to keep our oceans free from plastic

Our commitment to highlighting the huge amount of plastic polluting the oceans, primarily accounted for by single-use plastics, is largely channeled via cooperation with Tara Expeditions, the French non-profit organisation that sails the world in the boat Tara to raise awareness of the seas and the climate.

We are a financier for Tara Expeditions and their work to research the plastic pollution in the oceans and spread knowledge.


See also

Sustainability report

Billerud's sustainability report contains details on our sustainability work and results from the year.

Our work and Agenda 2030

We share the UN’s belief that inclusive and sustainable economic growth is essential for prosperity.