Paper sells high-performance, premium-grade kraft and sack paper to selected segments in the manufacturing, medical equipment and consumer sectors.

The material is sold primarily to packaging manufacturers. The core areas of use are dry food, medical applications and the construction industry. 

Sales by product category

Sales by product category Percent
Kraft paper 43
Sack paper 34
Market Pulp 23

Product area Paper sells

  • Kraft paper is used primarily in packaging for medical equipment and food packaging aimed at users that require very high standards of purity, printability, sterilisation, flexibility and strength.
  • Sack paper has high strength, which is crucial for competitiveness in this market. The sack paper can be filled without splitting or creating dust, which not only protects the content but also contributes to a clean and healthy work environment.
  • Market Pulp. We offer pulp grades made from 100% primary fibres, ensuring first-rate quality in terms of strength and purity. 

Key facts

8 127 SEKm
Net sales
1 388 SEKm