Our product area Paper includes graphic paper for print communication, premium-grade kraft and speciality paper, as well as sack paper to selected segments in the manufacturing, medical equipment and consumer sectors.

The core areas of use are print communication, dry food, medical applications and the construction industry.

Our mills at Skärblacka, Karlsborg, Pietarsaari, Escanaba, Quinnesec and the converting facility at Wisconsin Rapids belong to this product area.

Sales by product category (2022)

Sales by product category Percent
Graphic paper 40
Kraft and speciality paper 26
Sack paper 18
Market Pulp 16

Product area Paper offers

  • Graphic paper is used for all kinds of print communication, such as commercial printing, advertising and marketing applications, including direct mail, high-end catalogs, corporate collateral, books and magazines.
  • Kraft & speciality paper are used when there are high demands for strength, printability, pressure sensitivity, purity and/or flexibility. Billerud’s kraft papers are used for the packaging of dry foods, carrier bags and medical packaging. Our speciality papers include pressure sensitive labels and other top layers of label constructions, and release liners used for the backing of laminations and for hygiene products.
  • Sack paper is a durable and strong paper that is used for sacks containing building materials, industrial minerals, chemicals and food for both humans and animals. Billerud’s sack paper ensures that sacks are strong enough to protect the contents and be filled without splitting or creating dust, which contributes to a clean and healthy work environment.
  • Market Pulp is offered from four of our mills. Hardwood pulp from Quinnesec mill and Softwood pulp from Gruvön, Skärblacka and Karlsborg mill. Pulp made of 100% primary fibers, ensuring first-rate quality in terms of strength and purity.

Key facts 2022

Net sales
21 509 SEKm
5 325 SEKm